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Sunba Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and promotion of video security products. Our main purpose is to provide the best high-speed module, integrated PTZ camera and mini speed dome to international users while maintain an affordable price. We have been officially registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2015 to protect our customers and the authenticity of our products.

  • Focus  Sunba is exceptionally strong in PTZ cameras with a special focus on dome cameras that can pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees. Being focused allows us to fully utilize our resources and put all of our efforts to expand the capability of existing PTZ dome cameras to multi-tasks. Sunba has successfully created an all-in-one solutions for our PTZ camera, which is able to aggregate features such as 20X Optical Zoom, High Speed,  Waterproof, Long Distance Infrared, P2P together at an affordable price. Sunba has now integrated the PoE feature to our latest IP camera model 601-D20X. Our next step is to enable audio functions for this model where users can easily power the microphone internally with the power supply from the camera.
  • Diversity  We believe the diversity of products is extremely important to meet the needs for different groups. No matter what you want, you will always find a personal match among Sunba family. A multi-functional and expensive unit may be cool, but getting the right unit that fits your need is our task. In certain cases, we are able to customize for you and integrate features you like while make a great savings.


Sunba welcomes all forms of suggestions. In fact, being a young company means people are generally critical about your products, or can make all forms of stereotypes. We are learning and we are growing. Communication is the most powerful and effective tool for us to learn from you and for you to get familiar with Sunba. Please talk to us: 

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  • What is an AHD camera?

    With the ability of delivering only up to 960H (700TVL equivalent), traditional analog cameras can no longer meet the need for most customers. Meanwhile, IP cameras with strong image quality are a lot more expensive but have its weakness of network delay. AHD is a solution that 1) significantly improves the image quality of traditional analog camera (able to deliver 720p or 1080p), 2) ability to reach transmission distance around 500m (1640 ft) 3) cost-effective than IP 4) by upgrading to an AHD-DVR, you have the option of getting better image quality but don't have to dispose your old analog cameras; AHD-DVRs are downwardly compatible with traditional analog cameras.
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