My Sunba analog camera cannot PTZ

  1. Please first check the +/- polarity of the camera and joystick. Try switching the order of the pair if it doesn’t work.

For example, if you have a twisted pair blue/green. The blue side goes to + (positive) of camera’s 485 port and the green side goes to (negative) of the camera’s 485 port.

Then in the DVR’s side, the twisted pair must have set the correct correspondingly polarity order. For example, most DVR has a A/B side of their green RS485 port. Then the A should connect to blue and B should connect to green. However, sometimes the order depends. Switching the order of the pair on the DVR side may be helpful.

2. Please make sure your greenish RS485 connector is functional. It happened before that the greenish RS485 is defective. We suggest that you try the connector using a reference camera.

3. Please make sure your twisted pair is functional. You can try switching to another twisted pair if it is defective. An ethernet cable has 4 different twisted pairs that you can switch. Parallel pairs without twisted part are not recommended for PTZ control because they are not protected against any forms of signal interference and will affect the PTZ capacity of the camera. 

4. Please make sure you set the correct soft address of the camera in DVR. The default soft address of Sunba camera is “1”. It is very easy to check Sunba camera’s soft address; every time Sunba camera is powered up, the monitor will display its current soft address. Not, no different PTZ cameras can have the same address bit otherwise if you control one camera the other will move; in short, address bit must be UNIQUE for each unit. Also, if you have set the address bit of the camera, please go to PTZ Config menu of the camera to set the corresponding address that matches the camera’s soft address: 

  5.Make sure the RS485 twisted pair is not short, meaning the metallic part from each line of the pair are not overlapping. See picture below

   6. If your camera is running a long DC extension power cable and causes underpower, the camera is also unlikely to get PTZ functioning. Please connect the camera directly to its AC power adapter and have a try.