Outdoor Microphone-MIC700

  • Sunba Outdoor Aluminum CCTV Microphones for IP Cameras with RCA Interface;
  • Inclusive RCA Outputs: Audio In/Out Free Switch for IP Cameras with Female/Male RCA Audio Ports;
  • Power Required: DC 12V, 0.02A (DC Splitter Cable Included);
  • Monitor Range up to 540 Square Feet; Sensitivity: -4.0dB~+3.0dB (0dB=1V/Pa, 1KHz); Automatic Gain Control: 40db with Maxim 9814 Chip;
  • 3mm Screws Require; Working Temperature (Celsius): -40 – 85 degrees for Intensive Weather Condition.

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Microphone Ports Introduction

Active Microphone: 12V DC Required 20mA 

RCA Audio Female and Male Two-in-One: Different cameras have different audio port types (some use female/some use male). Sunba MIC-700 Outdoor Microphone has two types made into one unit. No adapters required. Users can apply the corresponding audio port depending on the type used by their camera. 

Note: 3.5mm Jack is not supported and needs an adapter. 



Microphone Connection with Different IP Cameras


SUNBA Youtube Tutorial video

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